Youth Halaqas & Clubs

Youth Halaqas & Clubs


1. Friday Youth Halaqa

The Friday Youth Halaqa is offered for boys and girls ages 5-18 yrs. We have 3 separate classes, depending on your Childs age.  It covers a wide range of subjects that are essential for every Muslim youth. The program helps you understand the message of the holy Quran and engages in a collective study with the help of qualified teachers.

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2. Youth Tafsir Class

 In depth analysis of Quranic Verses from sections of the Quran that could relate to the lives of our youth. Our Goal is to empower our children with the Connection, Commitment and understanding of the words of Allah SWT. Our purpose is for them to have the ability to extract lessons for their daily lives as well as to ensure that they are capable of articulating that info to another person. This will help answer KEY questions about God, Faith, Islamic Creed, Worship , Culture / Traditions and MUCH MORE!

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3. "Girls Talk" Halaqa

4. Journalism Club

5. Homework Club

6. Henna Club

7. Book Club 

8. Art Club


At SRVIC, we offer religious, social and educational teachings to the local Muslim community, enabling it to be a positive contributor to society... READ MORE.

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