The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, which is why it is our duty to assist in the cultivation of their skills, knowledge, and values. It is necessary for the children of our Community to experience deen and dunya to their fullest. To promote and maintain this belief, SRVIC (and other local masajid) hosts Halaqa’s which usually occurs twice a month on Friday nights. The goal of these halaqas is to create an environment in which Muslim youth of Tri-Valley area can join in prayer, discussion, games, and socializing with their peers.

Future endeavors for our Muslim youth include establishing Unity Halaqas – large, monthly events with well-known speakers that will cater to a wide audience. We also plan to set up a Youth Council – a group of ambitious, dedicated high-schoolers to oversee and carry out the halaqas and other events geared towards our Muslim teenagers. Insha’Allah, Allah will help us with these projects. Ameen.