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Ramadan, a time for inner reflection, devotion to God, and self-control. What are you doing to increase your barakah this Ramadan? 

Our Ramadan calendar provides you with the timing for prayers.

We have on site Isha and Taraweeh prayers. Register here!

If you are observing social distancing, please join us every night on Youtube or Facebook.

Increase your rewards with Allah SWT by feeding the poor through your local Feedafamily campaign

Disburse your Zakat through SRVIC ($100,000+ was given to the needy in our community this past year), and fulfill your Sadaqah Jariyah by donating to your Masjid Expansion Fund.

 Important Dates and Events:

First Taraweeh:                Mon - April12

First Day of Fast: Tue -April 13

 * Ramadan Fundraiser:   Fri -  April 23

Masjid Expansion: Our Goal this Ramadan is to raise 350K. All proceeds will go towards payment of the new property. Donate here!

Masjid Expansion Fund


 * SRVIC Drive Thru Community Iftar:   Sat - May 8

Qiyam ul layl:                   Sat - May 8

Eid al Fitr:                         Thur- May 13


May Allah reward the author