Membership and Dues

Membership and Dues

SRVIC relies on regular contributions by members to run the Center. Please make sure you are up to date on your membership and dues this Ramadan. You can pay your Membership dues online by making a donation to the General Fund or Masjid Operations using the Donate button above, or from the Members Portal. You can also use the Kiosk we recently installed in the Men's Prayer Area, or drop off a check with a note about membership dues. The following are some of the privileges and responsibilities of membership.

SRVIC Membership
Community members who attend prayers, classes, talks, and other events and programs organized by SRVIC are strongly encouraged to become members. Membership entails a financial commitment to SRVIC and provides a number of privileges.

Benefits of Being a SRVIC Member
SRVIC Members are able to fully participate in setting the direction of SRVIC and its many events and activities. This includes:

  • Voting rights for electing the Board of Directors and any issues brought to the General Body
  • Discounts on Classes, Events and the many activities organized by SRVIC
  • Most importantly, the reward with Allah and the satisfaction of supporting your local Masjid and Islamic Center
  • Financial Requirements of Being a Member
    Members are required to contribute a minimum of $100/year to the General Fund or Masjid Operations. For people who can afford it, members are strongly encouraged to contribute $600/year or more.

    Donations that count towards Membership include any contributions that count towards the running of the Center. These include Ramadan Expenses, expenses for Eid Prayers, and General Fund and Operational Fund contributions. For donations to count, they need to be paid online or by check so that we can track them by contributor and the intended purpose

    Donations that do not count toward Membership include any donations that are primarily meant to be distributed to external organizations, deserving individuals and families, teachers or other vendors, and do not directly contribute to the Center's operations. Examples are Zakat, Sadaqa, Classes, Sunday School, Zakat ul Fitr, Food Drives etc.