Working Hard to Serve the Community

Sobia Qureshi
Sobia Qureshi Vice President[email protected]
Dr. Tauqeer Sarang
Dr. Tauqeer SarangMembers at large [email protected]
Nadia Ann Shahab
Nadia Ann ShahabTreasurer [email protected]
Arshad Syyed
Arshad Syyed Member at large[email protected]
Amna Haque
Amna HaqueMembers at large [email protected]
Mujeeb Rafiuddin
Mujeeb RafiuddinMembers at large [email protected]
Tehseen Khan
Tehseen KhanMember at large[email protected]

The various Board of Directors are in charge of the following:

  • Facility (Sobia Qureshi)
  • Islamic School (Sobia Qureshi)
  • Youth activities and Education (Nadia Ann-Shahab)
  • Adult Education (Imad Abboushi)
  • Social (Amna Haque)
  • Religious (Ismail Mohamed)
  • Outreach (Imad Abboushi)
  • Interfaith (Imad Abboushi)
  • Finance (Ashar Ahmed)
  • IT (Sobia Qureshi)
  • Security (Tauqeer Sarang)

For immediate contact call: (925) 575-7744

Center Staff: