As part of the Adopt-a-Highway program, a section of Highway 680 Southbound (between Crow Canyon Road and Bollinger Canyon Road exits) has been assigned to SRVIC for maintenance.

SRVIC is responsible for picking up litter from this section of the highway once a month. In exchange, Caltrans has put up an Adopt-a-Highway sign with SRVIC’s name just before the Crow Canyon Road exit.

In the past few months we have conducted four training sessions at which over 25 volunteers have been trained. During this time, we have had four cleaning sessions, each with around 10 to 12 volunteers. These volunteers participate in the cleaning sessions on a rotational basis. We are always looking for new volunteers.

Our Adopt-a-Highway duties are currently on a sabbatical until the freeway construction is completed on 680. We appreciate everyone’s support and assistance and will update everyone when the next opportunity for the highway cleanup arises.