SRVIC 2016 Election Results

We would like to thank all of you who participated in this year’s election and especially thank all of our candidates, Adnan Lawai, Amana Haque, Arshed Ali Syed, Imad Abboushi, Mujeeb Rafiuddin and Sobia Qureshi.   We are pleased to announce that Sr. Amna Haque, Br. Adnan Lawai and Sr. Sobia Qureshi will be joining the board to serve 3-year terms. Their terms begin January 1st, 2017.   Please keep them and their families in your duas as they take...
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SRVIC bi-weekly family outdoor activity program

  We are pleased to announce the launching of a bi-weekly family outdoor activity program, to be coordinated by Nadeem Bawani. Goals of the program is to foster better engagement among Muslim families and children (members of SRVIC), allow members to get to know each other and in particular, provide a venue for Muslim children to get to know and support each other and become lifelong friends, encourage outdoor activities that is fun and health oriented.   Program logistics...
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SRVIC Refugee Support

SRVIC Refugee Support is an effort to help newly arriving refugees to the Bay Area. We are working in partnership with International Rescue Committee (IRC), resettling families from all over the world. Our initial focus is to help with apartment set-up for one family per month. This includes: Purchasing and collecting items from this
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Help us provide relief to those effected by the fire in the Napa and Sonoma Counties.Details