Islamic School Registration for 2016-2017 School Year

  • Registration for returning students will begin on April 22nd and end on May 8th. Please register your children early to secure a spot for next year.
  • General registration will begin on May 14th and end on June 5th.
  • Registration fees for 2016-2017 School Year is $150 payable during the registration process.
  • Registration will be done online only via this link. There will be no registration at the school.

Directors letter

Bismi’llah Ir’Rahman Nir’Rahim

September 2015

As salaamu alaikum Parents, Families and Friends

As we begin this new academic year, I wanted to remind myself and all of us involved in the virtues of seeking knowledge. In a famous hadith, our Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him and his family) tells us:

Acquire knowledge, for it leads to consciousness of Allah. Seeking knowledge is an act of worship, studying is praising God and with knowledge, and through sacred study, God raises people to high stations. The people of knowledge are to be emulated. The angels seek out the people of knowledge and keep their company and sit in their gatherings and surround them with their wings. Even the fish in the ocean and animals on the land will ask God to forgive them. Spending time in study is equivalent to standing in prayer. Knowledge precedes action, and action always follows it.

Allah tells us in the Quran:

“Are they the same? The ones who know and the ones who don’t know?”

As we enter our 25th year (23rd legal year) of teaching, I’ve seen so many things change. Each generation has its own dynamic and as I’ve been watching this change for so many years, I am aware of the new challenges that we are facing. We see the unfortunate reality of groups that are intentionally distorting and misrepresenting our sacred religion through twisted deviations. The internet and accessibility of mobile phone has attacked and nearly destroyed family structure and all the while, I see students mesmerized by atheist arguments, and I see young people leaving our deen.

Many of us ask ourselves – “what are we to do?”

It is my firm belief that the answer lies in education and cultivating good character. A few of our former students are doing great things and have achieved the best of both worlds and are an inspiration. They have faced numerous challenges, and through the good graces of God Almighty, they have survived and are willing to give back to a whole new generation of young students.

Let our school inspire all the ideals and hopes that we have associated with it. Let it be green with the aspirations for our children to grow and be good. For them to serve others and to contribute to building a culture containing the very best of East and West, a culture of beauty, truth, love, harmony and deep intellectual and spiritual response to the insanity that has taken over the world.

Switching gears, please review our rules in the SRVIC Islamic School Handbook. A few key reminders:

  • Please help us be good neighbors. Follow traffic rules and don’t block entrances
  • Ensure your children are attending school regularly
  • Check your child’s work. Make sure they are getting their work done!
  • Review the school rules with your children (dress code, mobile phone policy, standards and expectations, snack rules, etc).

We will soon be celebrating Eid-ul-Adha. There are many members of our community who will be leaving to perform Haaj. We ask that Allah accept their Haaj and their duas and their ziyara of the Prophet and bring them back safely to us.

On behalf of all my teaching faculty, office staff and event coordinators, I welcome new and returning students and wish you all a very blessed Eid.

-Nasira Sharieff