Stories about the Seerah and the Day of Judgement

Join Amu Tarif in this 8 week session as he shares stories about the Seerah (life of the Prophet), and discusses the Day of Judgement. A unique opportunity to learn from an international scholar who studied traditional Islamic Sciences at Al-Fath Institute, al-Azhar branch in Syria. Tuesday, Feb. 20 | 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Register for free at srvic.org/seerah-and-day-of-judgement
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Rumi – A Message for our Times

Join Sidi Feraidoon Mujaddedi in this 4 week session as he shares stories from Rumi that can be used as as a message for our times. A unique opportunity to learn from a one of the most well-known and respected community activists, lecturers, and entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. Thursday, Apr. 19 | 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Register for free at srvic.org/rumi-a-message
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Membership and Dues

SRVIC relies on regular contributions by members to run the Center. Please make sure you are up to date on your membership and dues this Ramadan. You can pay your Membership dues online by making a donation to the General Fund or Masjid Operations using the Donate button above, or from the Members Portal. You can also use the Kiosk we recently installed in the Men's Prayer Area, or drop off a check with a note about membership dues. The following are some of the privileges and...
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SRVIC Refugee Support

SRVIC Refugee Support is an effort to help newly arriving refugees to the Bay Area. We are working in partnership with International Rescue Committee (IRC), resettling families from all over the world. Our initial focus is to help with apartment set-up for one family per month. This includes: Purchasing and collecting items from this
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